Why Keeping Your Startup Small Might Be the Best Way Forward

Why Keeping Your Startup Small Might Be the Best Way Forward

When you’ve been running a business for a while, and it’s finally starting to make a profit, there’s a temptation to begin hiring and find some office space so it can be a “real business”. It feels like a natural progression.

Fast forward 12 months, and you’ve rented an office and employed some people, your revenue is growing, but you still feel like it’s not enough. So you take on more staff, and eventually get a bigger fancier office so that you can finally be a classed as a “successful business”.

I fell into this trap. I thought to be successful, I should continue to grow the business.

“How many staff do you have?” was always one of the first questions someone would ask me when I said I ran my own business. Of course, the higher the number, the more impressed they were.

The more staff you have, the more politics there are. You go to the pub, and you can no longer all fit around the same table. Splinter groups emerge. You get a bigger office and your overheads ballon. All this leads to more stress and pressure.

One day I looked up, and I was responsible for ten full-time employees, a raft of freelancers, and an office big enough for 30+ people. The stress of all this was unbearable.

Thankfully, I’ve turned things around. I now run a small, fully-remote business and it’s much more enjoyable. I’m not saying you shouldn’t hire people or get an office. I’m just saying think very carefully before you do.

Being small has many advantages. A big company can’t always get things done faster. If anything, there’s a tipping point, and things become slower. A side effect of growth is more process and more meetings.

Do you really want the overheads and all the other stuff that running a bigger business brings along with it?

Small, agile and profitable is good, and dare I say it, a better place to be.