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Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Your App

Choosing the right pricing model for an app is simple… pick anything other than freemium. Make your app paid and work out where the sweet spot is, keep increasing the price until you've pushed it too far then bring it back a little. If you've got an online component or are delivering new content regularly then make it subscription based. Pretty simple, right?

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Product Revenue Snapshot

There's been a fair amount of talk lately about whether it's still sustainable to be an indie developer. The short answer is yes, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I think most developers will agree it's now harder than ever to make a living on the App Store.

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The Details behind a Six Figure App Launch

On Tuesday, October 21st 2014 Realmac released RapidWeaver 6 for Mac. The product is ten years old and is the first paid upgrade in four years (paid upgrades should happen more regularly but I got sidetracked). It was also the first time I’ve launched an app outside of the Mac App Store since the stores introduction in 2009. To say I was a little worried about this is an understatement. There were certainly things I could have done better, but thankfully the launch was a success.

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Thoughts on Increasing App Revenue

If you’ve been developing apps for a while you’re going to be familiar with the following pattern: You launch a new app, the first week or two of sales are great, but then in the following months, sales start to slow down. Your app revenue is in gradual decline and you wonder when it will stop, and where your daily revenue is going to settle at. It finally settles, and of course it’s lower than you’d like, so what do you do now?

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