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A Wish List for the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store may seem like the best option for indie developers, but it’s not. I remember when Apple first announced the Mac App Store (MAS). It sounded like a pretty good idea to give Mac developers the same kind of centralized marketplace to sell their software that made the iOS App Store so popular. Apple said then and still proclaims that MAS is dedicated to helping devs “make great apps” but most developers (myself included) will tell you that it’s never lived up to its potential and is now going off the rails.

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The Problem with App Store Reviews

The lack of customer and developer interaction on the App Store is a bit of joke. It's been seven years since the App Store launched and developers still have no way to respond to customer reviews. Just the other day I was trying to think of other online stores that only allow one way communication. I could't think of a single one.

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Thoughts on Increasing App Revenue

If you’ve been developing apps for a while you’re going to be familiar with the following pattern: You launch a new app, the first week or two of sales are great, but then in the following months, sales start to slow down. Your app revenue is in gradual decline and you wonder when it will stop, and where your daily revenue is going to settle at. It finally settles, and of course it’s lower than you’d like, so what do you do now?

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