RapidWeaver for Mac was the first easy to use website builder on the Mac, it has been in active development for over 10 years. It was featured by Apple during the launch of the Mac App Store.


Squash for Mac was released in 2016 and received a 5 Star review from MacFormat magazine.

The development of was funded via a crowd funding campaign in 2015 where it surpassed its funding goal in just 24 hours. It went on to raise over $120K.


Almost Impossible was a personal side project in 2015. I designed, built, and shipped the product in just one month. You can read more about it here.


Typed for Mac was Featured on the App Store and highlighted as an Editors' Choice by Apple in 2014. It was later acquired by Codebots and renamed to Focused.


Ember (Previously known as LittleSnapper) pioneered the visual scrapbooking metaphor on Mac. Ember for Mac was awarded Best of 2013 on the App Store. It also received 5 star reviews from publications such as MacFormat.


Analog Camera for iOS was a super fast and fun photography app released in 2013. It was featured by Apple on the App Store at launch.


Clear for Mac was Featured on the App Store when it launched in 2012.


Released in 2012, Clear for iPhone was ahead of it's time in terms of design and gestural control. Clear was picked for Best of 2012 on the App Store and reached #1 in the charts at launch. It's since been downloaded and used by millions of people around the world.


Analog for Mac Released in 2012 and was Featured on the Mac App Store at launch.


Courier for Mac was released in 2010.