Issue #01 Hello World

Issue #01 Hello World

Hello there 👋

Welcome to the first of my about-once-per-month newsletter, where I’ll be sharing:

  • Lessons from 20 years of running a software business
  • Marketing experiments and results
  • Stats and figures, including revenue!
  • Details about building and shipping products
  • Experiments in self-improvement

Every month I’ll send a round-up of the latest articles I’ve written. Links to my first two articles are attached below.

Think Before You Grow Your Business
Left unchecked, a business can take on a life of its own.When you say, you run your own company, people often ask how many staff you have. The higher the number, the more impressed people seem to be, and I understand that. I fell into this trap myself. The
3 Challenges for January
There’s nothing like the promise of a fresh new year to kick-start some challenges. So rather than setting out some New Years resolutions that will probably fail far too soon, I’ve decided to do a few challenges for January instead. It’s just 30 days. How hard can

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