Issue #03

Issue #03

Hello there 👋

It's been a busy month!

I started the first half of February at a blistering pace, with lots of writing and lots of new followers. This declined dramatically as I took a week off towards the end of February to do a 5-day water fast!

Just goes to show, if you stop putting time into Twitter your follower count stagnates.

I'm back at it now. Recharged and ready to go.

During February I finally reached 100 followers on Medium. That meant I could enter their partner program and monetise my articles. So far I've made "$348.16" from Medium. Not too shabby.

Here are my follower numbers for last month (along with site page views below):

The spike in page views at the start of February was caused by Reddit sending traffic to the 5 Mac Utilities I Can't Live Without article.

The articles I wrote this month are linked at the bottom of this email. I hope you find something that interests you.

Oh, and before I go. The drawing you see at the top of this newsletter was done by Levi Nunnink, as part of his Humanities Illustration Library project. I thought it'd be fun to commission him to create a custom illustration that I can use for my monthly newsletters — I think he did an excellent job!

Visit the Humanities page on Gumroad to download the library or request your own custom illustration.

Stay subscribed, and I’ll be in touch next month.

Take care.

Dan x

February Articles (5)

I Will Not Buy Another iPhone
Even though I live out in the countryside, away from the city. I still feel too connected. I have my phone with me all the time. Sure I go through periods of leaving it inside, but I’m all too quick to fall back into the habit of taking it with
Building a Million Dollar Business Almost Gave Me a Nervous Breakdown… Here’s Why
It was late. I was the last one in the office again. Working. Worrying. My chest felt tight. It was like that a lot of the time these days. I was stressed on the edge of a nervous breakdown. What used to be a small, manageable business turned into a
Why Building Software Should Always Be an Organic Process
I’ve always thought that building software is very much an organic process. It’s like shaping a lump of clay. First, you push and pull in different directions. Then, you keep smoothing and refining until it looks and feels just right. It’s not something that can be planned out to the
I Deleted My Twitter Account With 20K Followers. Here’s How and Why I’m Starting Again.
Since the early days, I’d had an account on Twitter with over 20K followers and a blue tick. In this article, I’m going to cover why I deleted my account and how I plan to re-grow it to 100K. Let’s go! It was during a rather stressful time in 2019.
5 Mac Utilities I Can’t Live Without
Utilities on the Mac often get overlooked, as these lists are always about the bigger apps. It’s a real shame as there are still so many handy little apps out there. In order to add some balance to the world, this is a roundup of my favourite Mac utilities