I Deleted My Twitter Account With 20K Followers. Here's How and Why I'm Starting Again.

I Deleted My Twitter Account With 20K Followers. Here's How and Why I'm Starting Again.

Since the early days, I'd had an account on Twitter with over 20K followers and a blue tick. In this article, I'm going to cover why I deleted my account and how I plan to re-grow it to 100K. Let's go!

It was during a rather stressful time in 2019. I won't go into why in this post, but I had an urge to go on a digital detox. In a moment of madness (or clarity?), I decided to delete my Twitter account. I went all in. I didn't just close it. I deleted it.

I created a new private account to reserve my existing username as soon as it was deleted. And that was it.

I remember it being very freeing at the time, but now I regret doing it. Looking back, it feels a little like I was shooting my future self in the foot.

Fast forward to October 2020, and I decided to start using Twitter again. I restarted using Twitter mainly to follow the people I knew and had made contact with over the past 10+ years as I'd missed seeing what they were up to.

It was interesting (and depressing) to find out how hard it is for new Twitter accounts to gain followers.

After a year on Twitter with my new account, I had only gained 150 followers. It was slow going. I believe my follower count never grew because I was mainly watching from the sidelines. I rarely tweeted.

At the start of 2022, I decided to get back into writing my blog and naturally, I wanted to work on building back up my audience to help share the content I'm now writing.

During my first month of actively growing my audience, I increased my follower count by more than 100. Now, I know that's not a lot. But to gain that many followers when the previous 12 months I'd only achieved 150 seemed like a big win to me.

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I've got a hell of a long way to go to get back to 20k and even further from my 100k follower goal. So right now, I'm just aiming for my first 1,000 as that seems like a great starting point.

Now I'm firmly back on this rollercoaster, these are five of the things I've started doing to re-grow my Twitter audience to 20K and beyond.

1. Tweet and Reply

I know this is obvious, but it works. Tweeting multiple times a day is a great way to reach more people and grow your Twitter audience. Duh.

It's easy to sit back and just read tweets rather than regularly posting. However, since I've been replying and liking tweets, Twitter has become more enjoyable, and I've gained more followers because of it.

Winner, winner, tofu dinner!

2. Don't Be Afraid to Write Twitter Threads

I'm ashamed to say it, but I was afraid of writing threads. I'd seen and read lots of them, but embarrassingly I wasn't even sure how to create them. I wondered if I just needed to reply to my original tweet but never tested it to find out. It turns out that's precisely how you create them.

So now I know how to do it, I've been creating plenty of threads, and they've generally been getting more likes and retweets than my single tweets. Admittedly, they require more work to put together, but they are really worth doing as my follower count has significantly grown because of it.

I like to think threads are just like mini blog posts. This leads perfectly to my third point.

3. Re-Purpose Content

Turn articles into shorter threads on Twitter, and Twitter threads into longer articles. Here's an example of this. I wrote a thread about 10 of The Best Mac Apps on the Planet. I then expanded the thread and turned it into an article. This is easy work for more reach. But it doesn't stop there.

10 of the Best Mac Apps on the Planet
A collection of hidden Mac gems that deserve your attention.You have probably heard of many of these apps, but some are absolute hidden gems that deserve more attention than they get. So take a look through the list, and I guarantee at least one of these apps you’ll

I then shared the article on Twitter a few days later and posted it on Medium. This again increases the chances of getting noticed and gaining more followers. If you've taken the time to write some content, you need to put the work in to share it.

There's other places I could and should share my content, but this is what I'm doing right now.

4. Mentioning People Increases Likes and Retweets

One of the threads I'd written is about "5 of the Best Mac Utilities You've Never Heard About", and for each app, I name-checked the company in the tweet. This worked really well as people are inclined to like or re-tweet a tweet that recommends their product.

Also, everyone likes to read a round-up of the "best of X" as it's always nice to find a hidden gem you didn't know existed. You can't but help take a look at a list.

I'd recommend not overusing this tip, and if you do use it, be genuine about it.

5. It's Okay to Retweet Your Own Content

Yes, this really works, and it’s okay when done in moderation. It feels a bit odd and self-involved when you first start doing it, but honestly, you just need to start doing it.

I’ve tweeted before thinking, “oh, this is a great tweet. It’s solid gold”. Yet, I post it and nothing. It’s like it just disappears into a black hole.

Perhaps the timing was off, and the majority of my audience was asleep or busy, or maybe the algorithm just wasn’t on my side. Retweeting (or reposting) at a different time of day sometimes magically gets you more traction.

On the flip side, I've also retweeted before and got nothing. In those cases, it might just be that the tweet is bogus, and it will never gain traction. You can try re-writing it, or better yet, move on and tweet something else.

Not every tweet is gold, in fact, most of mine seem to be pretty duff, but I’m learning.


Sure, none of this is rocket science. I'm not dropping any bombs of revelation. I know there are thousands of articles out there like this. But this is my experience. As my following grows, I'll write more posts to let you know what else is working (or not working).

So far, my experience with trying to re-grow my audience just reconfirms my beliefs. Write and share content to help people. Consistently. It's simple but not easy to get right. But when it does go to plan, you get rewarded for it.

When composing tweets, I try to keep the following in mind:

  1. Write content to help people.
  2. Share what I know.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Be kind.

I know that if I keep writing articles and keep tweeting, one of them will blow up and get some serious traction. From everything I've read and learnt, this is when your numbers can really skyrocket.

Fingers crossed, next time I write an article like this I'll have zipped past the 1,000 follower mark 🤞

And finally, this wouldn't be a post about Twitter without asking you, my dear reader, to follow me on Twitter or post a link to this article.

Thank you. 🥰