How to get Press Coverage for Your App

Every developer dreams of launching their app and getting it featured on all the biggest tech news sites. Then watching their app rocket up the charts from all the coverage. Unfortunately, this doesn't just happen out of the blue. To get this type of coverage you need to work with the press, get to know them and pitch your app properly.

I know it’s not easy for anyone starting out to get press coverage like this, but it is possible. If you have a truly killer app it’s going to be a breeze. However, I’m guessing that’s not case. You’ve probably got a pretty decent app that’s better than 99% of the junk on the App Store. But you’re still competing with a lot of developers and companies with great apps and dedicated marketing departments. You’re going to need to work hard to elevate your app, get yourself known and most of all, tell a compelling story about why your app exists. Simple right?

As with anything that’s worth doing, it’s going to take a lot of work and won’t be easy, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

I've tried, but Journalists never respond, what should I do?

There's a very valid reason why your app didn't get the press coverage you wanted and unfortunately it often boils down to one of the following things... It might be that your app simply isn't good enough or maybe you're pitch email just wasn't interesting and got skipped over. This is the reality. If the press didn’t pick up on your app, it’s probably because it didn’t stand out.

Cold pitching the press is really hard. Persistence is the key here. Each pitch you do will be better than the last. Maybe you'll get almost no press coverage for your first app, but I'm willing to bet you'll get more for your second app if you follow my advice.

Here's how to do it

I've put together a 16 page PDF guide outlining how you can build long lasting press relationships to get the coverage your next app deserves.

The guide also includes a sample email template that you can use when contacting journalists.

How to get Press Coverage PDF Guide

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