Not on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has been around for 6 years, but is still lacking some of the best software the Mac has to offer. You might be wondering why this is. Sandboxing certainly has a lot to answer for, but it's not the only reason. There's also paid upgradessustainabilityquality of life, and the Mac App Store just generally being half-assed.

Oh, and then there's that minor certificate issue that happened last week and cost developers and users millions of dollars in lost time and productivity. Not surprisingly, Apple didn't even acknowledge the issue

Update 18th Nov: Apple have acknowledge the issue.

Don't let all that get you down though, there's plenty of benefits to selling software outside of the Mac App Store. I've compiled a list of over 70 apps that are all world-class and seem to be doing just fine without it.

  1. Adobe CreativeCloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  2. Airfoil
  3. Alfred
  4. Audio Hijack
  5. Autocad
  6. Avid Pro Tools
  7. Backblaze
  9. Bartender 2
  10. Beamer 3
  11. Blender
  12. Box Sync
  13. BBEdit 11
  14. Carbon Copy Cloner
  15. Cinema 4D
  16. CleanMyMac
  17. Coda
  18. Codekit
  19. Cocktail
  20. Curio
  21. Daylite
  22. DeepDreamer
  23. DEVONthink Pro
  24. Dropbox
  25. ExpanDrive
  26. f.lux
  27. Git Tower
  28. Google Chrome
  29. Glyph Designer
  30. Hazel
  31. iExplorer
  32. iMazing
  33. iStat menus
  34. Interarchy 10
  35. Keyboard Maestro
  36. LaunchBar 6
  37. Little Snitch 3
  38. Firefox
  39. Framer
  40. Microsoft Office
  41. Path Finder 7
  42. Particle Designer
  43. Plex
  44. PlistEdit Pro
  45. Principle
  46. PowerPhotos
  47. QuickRes
  48. RapidWeaver 6
  49. Reason
  50. Reunion 11
  51. Reveal
  52. Scernery
  53. Screenflick
  54. Script Debugger 5
  55. Steam
  56. Simon
  57. Spotify
  58. SpamSieve
  59. Sublime Text
  60. SuperDuper
  61. Sketch
  62. Skala Color
  63. Skype
  64. Textexpander 5
  65. Tokens
  66. Typinator
  67. Unity
  68. Versions
  69. VLC
  70. VMware Fusion
  71. Waltr

Selling Outside the Mac App Store

If you're interested in selling your app outside the Mac App Store, then Christian Tietze's Make Money Outside the Mac App Store is essential reading.

"In a few hours, you’ll have in-app purchases, a trial mode, and piracy protection all set. The book includes fully functional sample projects and code to ready to be copied into your app."

Just to be clear, Christian was kind enough to give me a kickback on every copy of the book that sells via the link above. Even If he hadn't offered this I'd still be recommending his book.

Good luck and Viva-la-Mac!