A New Side Project

I'm starting a new side project. It's been fun writing here, but I think it's time to try something a little different.

Earlier this week I quietly launched minimalpath.net. It's a microblogging site that was designed to be minimal from the outset. No ads, no categories, no comments, no images, no mailing lists, no pop-ups, no junk. Just shorter, more regular content.

Here's a excerpt from the first post on minimalpath.net, it explains a little more about why I'm doing it:

For some time now I've wanted to write shorter, more frequent posts without worrying about the exact content or subject of what I'm posting. Late last year I heard about microblogging and thought it sounded pretty good. 
Twitter and Tumblr fit into the microblogging category. However, the character limit is too short, and more importantly, the content is not entirely owned by the user. Twitter could delete your account at any time, and there'd be nothing you could do about it. 
While Minimal Path may not strictly fit the standard framework of microblogging, it will adhere to some of the same principles. e.g. shorter content, and more frequent posts. Sometimes I'll post longer more in-depth posts, and I'm okay with that. The real key is the freedom to post what I like while owning the content and being fully in control. Read more…

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