Almost Impossible

Featured in the “Best New Games” category on the App Store.


Splendid Puzzles and Frustration Awaits!

Almost Impossible! is the perfect casual game, easy to pick up, yet insanely addictive.

Almost Impossible! is a side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer, with over 50 action packed levels. Guide a small ball of light on a dangerous journey, but be warned, the road ahead is extremely challenging… some may even say it’s Almost Impossible!


“Almost Impossible is addictive, attractive, and awfully fun”

MacNN “Beautiful hardcore platformer” “Catchy chiptune music, and addictive gameplay”

Beautiful Pixels “Extremely well-polished, addictive and frustrating in the best possible way.”

Noted “Almost Impossible! has one of the best control system in any iOS platform game I’ve played.”

En 25 Megas

Dan Counsell @dancounsell