Twitterrific easter eggs

In the latest version of Twitterrific for iOS (6.0.4) there’s a new easter egg. It’s a game based on the 1979 Atari video game Lunar Lander.

The release notes give a big hint on working out how to unlock it:

Ollie pressed his feather quill on the screen and sighed while trying to think of something clever to tweet. He waited, but no words came to mind. Suddenly he had a vision of a wonderful and mysterious new place filled with fun and distraction! He’ll be waiting for you there - if you can find him.

If you’re still struggling to work it out, and want to play Tranquility Touchdown, here’s how to do it: Press and hold on the compose tweet icon (make sure you don’t move your finger) after a few seconds the “Arcade” will appear onscreen.

It’s a pretty neat game, and shows how much care and attention the guys at the Iconfactory put into Twitterific.

Oh, and there’s also one other easter egg, it’s from a much older version of Twitterific, but it still works. If you post “I love pixels.” as a tweet, you’ll enable the pixel font.

Dan Counsell @dancounsell